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California Newsreel

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Executive & Creative Producer

Rachel Poulain, MPH, Executive Director, California Newsreel

Concept Based on the Work of

Makani Themba, Chief Strategist, Higher Ground Change Strategies

Animation Credits

Narrative Power: The Epic Adventure 

Produced by Subliminal Stories & Presented by California Newsreel


Creative Director/Compositing
Jason Gutierrez
Principal, Subliminal Stories

Story Idea and Director
Makani Themba
Chief Strategist,
Higher Ground Change Strategies

Script Writers
Makani Themba
Marlene Braga
Principal, Woman on the
Verge Productions

Creative Producer
Rachel Poulain, MPH
Executive Director,
California Newsreel

La Tanya Squires
Senior Media Manager,
The California Endowment

Lead Animator
John Henry

Character and Artwork Artists
Mara Harris
Michael Castelo

Makani Themba

Fannie/Gina Voices
Mela Lee

Sage/Barista Voices
Jason Linere White

Cameron Voice
Kaiji Tang

Grandchild Voice
Isabella Poulain

3-D Animator/ Animator
Joseph Suzuki

Storyboard Artist/ “Pantheon” Illustrator
Dan Weeks

Music Engineer
Alexander Burke

“Ambient Mind” – PaBlikMM
“Axnious Time” – DP music
“Familiar Anticipation” – Alisha Studio
“Calmness” – Netuno
“Green Garlic” – Alisha Studio
“Stay Groovy” – Mellow stu
“Celestial Pian” – Frequently Asked Music
“A Time for Courage” – Roger Stark
“Circles” – John Dada
“Fast Stomp and Clap” – AleX Zavesa
“Circles” – void Sound
“Earth is Ours to Protect” – Roman Senyk Music

Website Content

Writer, Content Specialist, Producer and Podcast Host and Creator
Makani Themba, Chief Strategist, Higher Ground Change Strategies

Contributing Writers and Content Specialists
Lori Dorfman, DrPH, Director, Berkely Media Studies Group
Heather Gehlert, MJ, Senior Manager of Communication and Digital Strategy, Berkeley Media Studies Group
Katherine Schaff, DrPH, Health Equity Coordinator, Berkely Media Studies Group

Website Design, Build & Podcast Production

The Rios Company

Special Thanks & Acknowledgements

Larry Adelman, Former Director, California Newsreel

Jean Cheng, Director of Innovation and Strategy, The Goldman School of Public Policy, UC Berkeley

Alex Desautels, Senior Program Manager, The California Endowment

Equal Justice Initiative

Lili Farhang, Co-Director, Human Impact Partners

Steve Guy, Chief Finance Officer, California Newsreel

Bridget Burke Kelly, Principal Consultant, Burke Kelly Consulting

Kristina Mevs-Apgar, Culture Change Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance

Barrie McClune, Organization Development Consultant

Cornelius Moore, Chair of the Board, California Newsreel

Sarah Reyes, Managing Director of Communications, The California Endowment

Alisha Wang Savson, News Voices Program Manager, Free Press

Shannon Tracey, Operations Director, Human Impact Partners